varicose veins causesSo you wonder what has been going on with your legs recently? Have you been worrying about the looks and the strange pain? Well, maybe it is time to know more about varicose veins (also known as ‘spider veins’) causes and how to address that effectively.

Let’s start with the basics: to circulate blood, arteries have thick layers of muscle. To push blood back to the heart, the veins rely mainly on muscles close-by and venuous valves. As blood flows through a vein, the valves open to allow blood through, then close to prevent back-flow.

Varicose veins result from a chronic increase in blood pressure. The pressure dilates the vein. It becomes visible on the outside because superficial veins don’t have as much support from the muscles as the deep veins have.

Any condition that extra pressure on the legs can lead to varicose veins. Pregnancy and menopause may be responsible for varicosities among women. Dietary deficiencies or the loss of skin elasticity due to aging are contributory factors as well. Prolonged, uninterrupted standing, sitting, constipation, constrictive clothing, lack of exercise, obesity, or repeated heavy lifting can affect the blood circulation in the veins and increase the likelihood that varicose veins will develop.

Varicose veins treatment deals with the causes of the disease. It is designed to stimulate and normalize the blood circulation in the veins. Many of the medicine is available prescription free and for ordering on-line. E.g. DAFLON 500 mg – World’s most popular and effective varicose veins treatment – it combats the venous distraction by inhibiting the release of inflammatory mediators, principally free radicals and prostaglandins.